Everything You Need to Know About Our Yoga Pure Flow Classes

Feeling stressed? Let it go and flow with our Yoga Pure Flow class. This dynamic, challenging, Vinyasa-focused practice prioritises breath, variety, and a more athletic approach to yoga.

Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about our Yoga Pure Flow classes, including the benefits of Vinyasa yoga, what to expect from a class, and how to try a class for yourself.


What Is Yoga Pure Flow?

Pure Flow moves through fluid yoga sequences that add a more athletic feel to yoga. Despite its faster pace, Pure Flow still manages to provide the soothing, relaxing experience that yoga is known for. Each class features new sequences of movements, meaning each session offers a fresh new feel to keep your mind and muscles guessing.

With an emphasis on fluid movements, it places a strong focus on Vinyasa-style yoga. Designed to strengthen the body and the mind at the same time, Pure Flow is especially wonderful if you are the type of person who often gets wrapped up in their thoughts.

Between the focused breathwork, varying pose sequences, and transitions, our Pure Flow yoga forces you to be present in the current moment.


What Is Vinyasa Yoga?

Often dubbed “moving meditation,” Vinyasa yoga emphasises poses weaved together into seamless, fluid sequences. Connecting poses in different sequences means no class will ever be identical.

The variable sequences help keep our Pure Flow classes fun and interesting, while also challenging different muscles each time. Along with an emphasis on graceful, flowing sequences, Vinyasa focuses on connecting each movement to breathe. This helps improve the mind-body connection and ease stress.


Benefits of Pure Flow Yoga

The flowing sequences, energetic pace, and breathwork in Pure Flow Yoga are excellent for:

  • Sculpting and strengthening long, lean muscles — expect every muscle from head to toe to be challenged
  • Reducing stress
  • Slowing down a busy mind
  • Easing tense muscles
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Improving range of motion
  • Supporting a balanced, improved mood
  • Adding an aerobic element to your yoga practice
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Supporting overall health and wellness
  • Supporting healthy, high-quality sleep
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving posture
  • Enhancing focus and concentration
  • Increasing circulation

Marion Conaghan, performing pilates stretch


Who Is Yoga Pure Flow Ideal For?

We highly recommend our Yoga – Pure Flow class if you:

  • Want to deepen your yoga practice
  • Want a workout that challenges your muscles and mind
  • Often struggle to ‘get out of your head’ and need a class that pulls you into the current moment
  • Want a relaxing yet invigorating experience
  • Want to improve your mobility, flexibility, and strength
  • Enjoy a more vigorous approach to yoga
  • Get easily bored with workout routines and need a class that keeps you excited to show up each time
  • Want a fun yet challenging workout option
  • Want to deepen your mind-body connection


What to Expect From a Yoga Pure Flow Class

When you come to class, expect a strong focus on breathwork and paying attention to how each breath connects to each movement.

Some classes will feature a series of warm-up moves while others will start with sun salutation to get the muscles moving. Every class will include new sequencing, pacing, and poses to ensure you never get bored.

We are proud of our team of caring, talented, highly trained instructors, each of whom will make you feel welcome and help you move safely through the poses. Our instructors are experts at weaving together beautiful, flowing sequences of poses and creating exciting, effective classes.

Whether you are just learning the practice of yoga or are an advanced practitioner, our instructors will meet you where you are and ensure you enjoy an effective workout.


Join Us for a Yoga Pure Flow Class

If you are looking to build dancer-like muscles, nourish your mind, reduce stress, or advance your yoga practice, Yoga Pure Flow offers an effective way to move closer to your goals.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of a Yoga Pure Flow class for yourself, we invite you to use our convenient online scheduler to book a session. All levels are welcome for this dynamic yoga practice.

Not sure if Pure Flow Yoga is for you? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We’d be happy to suggest the right classes for you based on your current fitness levels, workout preferences, and goals.