New Client Offers

Immerse yourself into Pilates at The Pilates lab.  We have 2 great ways to start at our studio below.

All New Clients to The Pilates lab must attend 1x Intro class no matter of your level of Pilates.

The Intro classes run every Monday at 6:30pm & Saturday at 10:00am

New Client Pack
Intro to Pilates - $99

  • 1x Intro class + 5 Regular sessions
  • 30-day expiry – take advantage of this offer within 30 days to jumpstart your Pilates journey.
  • Includes ALL CLASSES: Reformer, Mat Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Boxing, The Pilates Circuit.(not including mums & bubs)
  • The Pilates lab App – Manage your account easily with our branded app

New Client Membership
2x classes per week

  • First 4 week Trial period – Enjoy Unlimited Classes
  • Free Grip Socks
  •  For your convenience at the end of your 4 week trial period you will automatically roll into the 2x/week membership.
  • Includes ALL CLASSES: Reformer, Mat Pilates, Barre, Yoga, and The Pilates Circuit.
  •  Happiness Guarantee – Cancel after 4 weeks.

Class Packages

Group Classes

(Includes: Reformer, Mat Pilates, Barre,  Pilates Circuit, Yoga, Mums & Bubs)

1x Visitors Pass

(7 day expiry)
$ 37

5x Class Pack

(2 month expiry)
$ 165

10x Class Pack

(4 month expiry)
$ 304


Includes: Reformer, Mat Pilates, Yoga, Barre,
and The Pilates Circuit.

1x Classes/Week

$ 28 Week
  • A convenient membership that fits your busy lifestyle.
  • Paid fortnightly
  • No Lock in Contract

2x Classes/Week

$ 53 Week
  • Excellent for those looking to maintain a steady rhythm. Twice a week keeps you on track and feeling fab!
  • Paid fortnightly
  • No Lock in Contract

3x Classes/Week

$ 66 Week
  • Ideal for the fitness enthusiast ready to make Pilates a staple in their routine. Consistency is key, and you're on it!
  • Paid fortnightly
  • No Lock in Contract


$ 78 Week
  • Best for the dedicated Pilates lover who can't get enough. Dive in deep and enjoy all the classes your heart desires
  • Paid fortnightly
  • No Lock in Contract
  • 1x Class per day

Pre / Post Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnant Clients

Class Pack and Memberships can be used for our Pregnancy classes.  Pregnant clients can enter regular Reformer classes, Yoga and Barre as long as you have contacted admin to let us know you are pregnant.  We will then tag your account so it will update our team before you arrive.

Mums & Bubs Reformer

Next Dates: June 18, 2024 - July 23, 2024 ( Every Tuesday @ 10:30 am )
$ 169
  • 6-Week term

Private Pilates

1:1 Pilates

(1 month expiry)
$ 100

5x 1:1 Pilates

(6 month expiry)
$ 475

1:2 Pilates

(1 month expiry)
$ 60

5x 1:2 Pilates

(6 month expiry)
$ 285

All classes and membership purchases are non-refundable. if you are unable to complete your membership, please refer to your contract for details on cancelation procedures. If you cannot finish classes that are part of a package. you may transfer classes to a friend or family member.