Sound Immersion with Ally Solomau

When: Sunday, January 28th 

Time: 11:00am

Cost: $30



Join Ally on a transformative journey through the power of sound and frequency. Lie down and immerse yourself in the soothing resonance of singing bowls, flutes, monochord and Ally’s ethereal voice, as you are transported into a deep meditative state.

Discover the many benefits of this serene practice, from deep relaxation to improved sleep and heightened mood.

Each session is unique, and we invite you to join this sonic journey with a heart open to recieve.

Alexandra “Ally” Solomou (Sound of Ether) is a Perth-based intuitive Sound Healer, meditation facilitator, singer and musician. 

She believes the power of sound and vibration is like no other, and is something that translates across all cultures. Her own experience with Sound Healing has brought her a deeper understanding of herself and a sense of peace in life, which she now endeavors to share with the world. 

Alexandra uses a combination of crystal and Tibetan bowls, flutes, tongue drum, the harmonium, tuning forks and her ethereal voice to transport you to another realm. Allowing the mind and body to relax into a deep meditative state gives participants a chance to rest and rejuvenate the soul.

 During a session, Alexandra channels songs and sounds from Source, each note and tune intuitively woven into music medicine making each session uniquely tailored to those in the room.


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