The Pilates Lab Studio Policies

  • If you are beginner or new to our studio you must attend 1x Intro to Pilates session before entering into a regular class.
  • Please store footwear and bags in the designated areas before entering into the studios.
  • Please turn off all mobile phones to avoid distractions to the Instructors and other clients.
  • Please let your instructor know of any injuries or conditions before the start of the session.
  • All cancellations must be made 5 hours before the time of your session to avoid forfeiting your class. If something comes up last minute and you are unable to attend (after the 5 hours) please late cancel from your account to let the next client that may be on the waiting list a chance to attend.
  • No- shows will not be accepted. If you reserve a space and not show up without contacting us or cancelling online, a $15 fee will be debited from your account.
  • If you are on the waitlist please be aware that you are requesting to be added into the class. If a space comes available you will be added to the class up to 60 min before class time.  To confirm you will be sent a email or text message.   If you are unable to attend after you have been added to the class please cancel online.
  • If you are on the waitlist and get added into the class inside our 5 hour cancellation period and decide you will not be attending and decline the confirmation email or text you will still be charged the session as it’s inside the 5 hour cancellation period.  To avoid the losing your session please cancel off the wait list before the 5 hour mark.
  • The Pilates LAB is a busy studio. If you do not use our wait list system you will have a hard time getting into the classes you want.  If you use the wait list system 9 times out of 10 you will get into your requested class.  You will receive a text and email when you have been added in from a wait list.  We are not responsible if you miss your notifications.  You can always log into your account via the app or the website to double check your bookings.
  • Make sure you have opted in to receive notifications, if this is not ON then you will not be notified.  This can be done when logged into your account under notifications.
  • CLEAN Socks/Grip Socks must be worn in the studio at all times for ALL CLASSES (can be purchased at the studio for $15)
  • Boxing Inners are to be worn in Boxilates classes (can be purchased at the studio for $5)
  • Sessions are available for booking 30 days in advance
  • Hand Sanitiser must be used before entering the studio rooms
  • All equipment that you use must be wiped down and cleaned before you leave

Purchase Policy


  • All purchases are non-refundable. Complete purchases (all sessions remaining), faulty goods and goods in their original condition may be returned by the purchaser for credit or exchange.  Incomplete purchases (only some sessions remaining) may only be gifted/transferred to another person.
  • All products purchased in a promotion or sale may not be returned unless faulty.
  • All Memberships are subject to additional terms & conditions as per your agreed contract. You will need to confirm the contract before your membership will activate.
  • All Session Purchases are subject to expiration. 10 Session blocks have a 6-month expiry, 20 Session blocks have a 9-month expiry, and 30 Session blocks have a 12-month expiry. Bonus sessions and free sessions are subject to a 30-day expiry.
  • All memberships will be paid monthly by direct debit or by credit card.