Keep your body guessing with the exciting, upbeat, gravity-defying power of TRX-based Pilates training. This powerful combination challenges stability, mobility, balance, and coordination to put your athletic abilities and muscles to the test. If you get bored easily with workouts, this just might be your answer!

In this blog series, we’ll cover the benefits of adding TRX training to your Pilates routine and how to get started with this unique workout. Learn how you can get leaner, stronger, and more toned than ever with this new style of training.

We look forward to consistently putting out engaging content in this series and we welcome suggestions for upcoming topics.

What is TRX Training?

Aug 01, 2022|TRX|

If you are looking to challenge your Pilates body, we highly recommend our TRX classes. TRX training is a fun way to defy gravity, build lean muscle, keep your body guessing, and switch up your workouts. Here, we’ll cover what TRX suspension training is to help you decide if TRX workouts are right for you. [...]

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