Power Reformer

A Fun and Energetic class that you will love!

Power Reformer Pilates

Power Reformer is a fun and energetic class that will have you coming back for more.  Different to a regular reformer class, this class moves at a faster pace and incorporates the use of the Jump-Board to pump up the intensity, But don’t worry you won’t be jumping the whole class we will be doing intervals of jump sets and strength sets.  Your strength sets will be dynamic and you will feel the burn from head to toe.

Bring a towel and water bottle to this class as you may feel the heat, this workout is the perfect mix of sweat and sculpt.

You must have some experience in Reformer Pilates to attend this class.

Cardio Reformer

Results from Power Reformer Pilates

Lets take everything you love about reformer and speed it up and amplify your workout.  

  • A new challenge for your body
  • Increased calorie burn
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve endurance
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Full body strength and cardio workout in one
  • A fun way to keep your workouts fresh and exciting
Cardio Reformer

Is Power Reformer Pilates Right for Me?

If you are already familiar with our Reformer Pilates classes and are looking for a new challenge, Power reformer would be a great addition to your schedule.

Power Reformer will move at faster pace so this will challenge your endurance, strength and coordination.  If you don’t mind getting your heart rate up and getting a little sweaty you’ll love it!

If you are brand new to our studio, you’ll start with our Intro to Pilates class before moving on to our regular Reformer Classes. Once you are familiar with the basics of Reformer Pilates, we’d love to help you experience the benefits of this class.

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Intro to Pilates is a prerequisite for our Power Reformer Pilates classes. All levels are welcome. Use our convenient online scheduling tool to book a class or contact us with any questions.