Taylor Bell

Pilates Instructor
Taylor Bell

I began my Pilates journey 10 years ago. Following a minor injury in 2017 I was looking for something to strengthen my body and increase mobility. This is when I re-visited and truly fell in love with Pilates and the benefits it brought to my mind and body. 

My Pilates and movement journey has been so beneficial for both my body and my mind. For me Pilates is a form of self-care and has positively impacted my overall well-being. 

Having such a positive experience I wanted to able to share of my love of Pilates and help others to experience all the benefits that I did. My aim is to have a positive impact on others that extends beyond class.

Challenging yet achievable, will leave you feeling strong and energised. I like to build on movements through layering and a strong focus on the mind to muscle connection.

The Pilates Lab is a welcoming and nurturing studio for all bodies and levels and is where I started my Pilates journey. The motivation of the clients and the fellow instructors is such great environment to be in.

I have been qualified in Matwork and Reformer Instruction since 2020

I love both! I believe the correct form, focus and alignment is so important in order create the appropriate mind to muscle connection while practising. Bringing it back to basics is great way to understand your body and really feel the burn! Combine that with fitness and you will have a great workout! 

I’m a devoted Dog mum and dedicated houseplant enthusiast and I won’t ever say no to a glass of wine.