Samantha Harvey

Pilates Instructor
Sam Harvey

A couple of my close friends were attending pilates classes and one of them was an instructor so I thought I’d give it a go. I loved it instantly!

I love how pilates can challenge and transform you physically and mentally. No two classes are the same, it offers endless variety for everyone.

I wanted to challenge my own self-mastery and thought there was no better way than being able to teach what I practice. I personally enjoy helping others to achieve their goals and alongside my future profession, I believe that pilates will always fascinate me and allow me to continue my learning of the human body.

Challenging flows for everyone to enjoy.

The Pilates Lab is such a welcoming environment for instructors and clients. I thoroughly enjoy being apart of such a supportive team and I am very grateful that I get to experience it every week.

I completed my certification in matwork and reformer pilates with PFI at the beginning of 2022 and very soon started my teaching here at The Lab.

I’d have to say a mixture of both. I think it is important to focus on technique to build the correct foundations for movement patterns to be performed, but components of fitness within a class offer an extra energiser to get the heart rate pumping.

I have a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and am currently in my 2nd year of Physiotherapy.