Rani Chouhan

Pilates Instructor

Rani Chouhan

I got into Pilates by my friend introducing it to me. I had been wanting to try it for ages and one of my friends who was going said come along and so I did. Since then I don’t think I’ve had a single week without Pilates unless I’m away for a course.

I love Pilates because it makes your body feel amazing. You become more flexible, aligned, your core becomes stronger and you get toned. Also, no class is ever the same so you can never get bored with it.

I became a Pilates instructor because I love Pilates. I was in a job I hated and after a lot of tossing up between should I stay in the field I am in or should I do a complete career change and do what I actually love doing. In doing what I really love won and there have been no regrets from making that change. It’s been the best decision I could have made.

My classes are fun, friendly and full of energy. You’ll definitely have a laugh in my class but most important of all you will feel every part of your body being challenged by the time I’m done with you. You will feel you legs burn, your abs shake and your arms ache.

I love teaching at The Pilates Lab because it’s a friendly studio where everyone chats and gets along with one another. It’s not a stone cold studio where you go in you exercise, you don’t speak and you leave. It’s like a little Pilates family where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves and socialise with one another. Having clients like that makes teaching a breeze.

I have been an instructor since 2014.

I like both types of classes because technical classes give you the foundations to learn the proper movement patterns to execute exercises and fitness classes get your heart rate up a bit more so you get that cardio aspect as well. So I think a combination of both is the best thing for everyone really.

I’ve rarely seen a movie from start to finish as I always fall asleep!