Pamela McCann

Founder of The Pilates Lab

Pam McCann

Pam is from Alberta, Canada. She moved to Perth in 2011 with her Husband after travelling the world for 5 years on a Super Yacht as a Second Chef. Her previous background included Fashion Design, Food and Hospitality. She has a passion for health and fitness and she LOVES nothing more than helping others discover optimal health.

Since obtaining her Full Stott Pilates Certification in 2012 she was a full time Instructor at LIVe Pilates working closely with mentor Pippa Hutchinson – Owner and creator of LIVe. She took ownership of the North Fremantle studio in 2015 and rebranded it to The Pilates Lab and opened a second location in Scarborough in 2016.  We currently only now have the one location in Scarborough.

On top of her full certification with Stott Pilates, Pam has also completed a certification in Myofascial Slings training 1 with Art of Motion and her CertIV and Diploma in Pilates with Breathe Education.

Her mission is to never quit learning and to continue to educate people about body awareness through Pilates.

I started practising Pilates in West Palm beach Florida, when I was working on a private yacht in between PT sessions. I found the classes so challenging and interesting. When I moved to Perth was when I started to do Pilates regularly. I became aware of my posture and realized my imbalances were causing my neck and shoulder pain. From there I just wanted to learn more.

I love Pilates because it teaches you so many things about yourself. Mind to body connection and awareness of your posture. It makes you feel amazing, and I love how you become more mobile and strong so quickly. It strengthens coordination which I think is important for everything in life.

I became a Pilates instructor because I wanted to help people. I have a huge passion for health and fitness and Pilates was really technical which I found and still find fascinating. I love learning in depth about the body and how we can change movement patterns and posture imbalances to help people live a pain free life. Whether you do Pilates for an injury or for fitness you see results so quickly, it’s amazing.

You will find my classes creative and challenging.   You may even discover muscles you didn’t know you had. I like to work each muscle group with the right amount of strength, stretch and mobilization. I focus on mind to muscle connection and move you through safe functional movement that makes you feel strong and supported. You will leave my class definitely feeling like you’ve worked. In a good way!

I created The Pilates Lab because I LOVE what I do! I wanted my own brand and my own business. I want to help people. The more knowledge I obtain about the body and about nutrition the more I can help. Having my own studio allows me to do that. I’m super excited to create a space that becomes part of your lifestyle and day. Nothing makes me happier than seeing clients progress and grow. It’s so rewarding.

I became a full time Instructor in 2012.

I love a good workout, and I like to feel what i’m doing.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to doing the exercise properly and in correct alignment. I think focusing on stability is so important while you move through each exercise. So i’d say I love having a balance of both.

I worked for Nicolas Cage on his private yacht. I LOVE food, cooking and entertaining at home with friends.