Nicole Quirk

Pilates Instructor
Nicole Quirk

Pilates was a pre surgery option my knee specialist in Hong Kong suggested I try before going down the path of knee surgery.

Pilates keeps me injury free, I feel amazing within my body when I’m practicing. I love facilitating my clients with positive body change, rehabilitating injuries, improve their biomechanical movement patterns. Attain their goals in sporting performance and everyday movement function.

Pilates was love at first session for me. I intuitively knew it’s what I was going to be doing next…

Energizing and balanced. I reconnect you to your physical body by educating through a movement journey. my classes go fast, I keep you engaged & adapt & modify classes to individuals fitness level or injury limitations. Oh and I have eyes in the back of my head:).

The Pilates Lab holds a beautiful energy because of the people that walk through its doors.  A great community with a gorgeous vibe

Started teaching studio, mat and Reformer in Hong Kong 2006.  

I’m technical instructor and love a strong full body workout 

I taught Sting and the band Pilates while they were on concert tour in Singapore. Many moons ago I was a makeup artist in film/tv and bridal