Kiera Scott

Pilates Instructor

I love trying new things and enjoy all things movement when I heard of Pilates I just needed to try it. I had attended a few Mat classes which I enjoy but I truly fell in love when I went for one-to-one apparatus session with my teacher, mentor, and teaching inspiration Sue Prince back in Scotland.

It’s so humbling as there is always something new to do or learn!
The mind and body connection has complimented many aspects of my life. It’s taught me how good your body should feel.

Being a massage therapist I like there to be a sense of flow within a class. Aiming for everyone to feel longer and stronger within each session.

The people, seeing the same and new faces showing up for themselves over and over again.

I’ve been teaching Pilates since 2020.

Going back to the pilates principles I really enjoy the more technical classes. Getting into the nitty gritty of a deeper connection to smaller muscle groups with a fitness twist is always fun.

I am a passionate horsewoman, back home in the UK I did British Eventing where I competed with my horse of a lifetime Sammie at the iconic venue Badminton at Grassroots level finishing 8th out of 102 of the best of the best at our level.