Kate Savage

Pilates Instructor

I’ve always loved trying new sports/ fitness classes and when I moved to Perth 10 years ago from the UK I went to my first Pilates class and have been hooked ever since!

Throughout my childhood I loved ballet dancing. When I discovered Pilates, that same love for movement was ignited in me! Joseph Pilates himself worked with the New York City ballet, so much of the repertoire relates to the flow and control of dance. I also began to really notice the improvements in recurring should pain, as my mobility and posture improved.

As a teacher I love learning, so that’s what drew me to being an instructor. Learning about the body, being creative with classes and to share my passion with others.

Creating a safe, welcoming environment for everyone is important to me. I value doing my best to support good technique, helping clients reach their goals and I want them to walk away feeling great from a class.

The Pilates Lab has a community feel and as an instructor you’re supported and upskilled.

I qualified in Matwork in 2021 and Reformer in 2023.

I find the technical side of Pilates fascinating but also appreciate the need to strike a balance with the fitness side of things too!

I love bush walking. I once went to do a solo multi-day hike on the Bibbulmun but got caught out by bush fires so had to run 17kms back and get rescued by marron fishermen! Moral of the story: don’t go during peak summer season!!