Josie Papineau

Pilates Instructor

I took my first pilates class when I moved to Perth in 2015. A voucher for a free class was left in my mailbox, so I tried it out and going on 8 years, I still love it.

I love how each class is so different – I never get bored. I also love how Pilates incorporates strength, mindfulness, balance, alignment, lengthening etc. all in one practice. Lastly, the Pilates burn is like nothing else

I was working full time and wanted to start a little side hustle. I loved pilates so much it felt like a good choice for me to become an instructor. Since having children, my Pilates side hustle has become my main hustle which gives me a nice balance between work and family.
My classes are definitely challenging. I love to give my clients that โ€œpilates burnโ€. I like creative flows and props – both of which you can expect in my classes.

The Pilates Lab has such an amazing community. Everyone is friendly with one another and I enjoy teaching in an such a welcoming friendly environment. The clients are very strong and willing to attempt new exercises or push themselves to make the most out of classes – which makes classes very enjoyable to teach!

I have been an Instructor since 2020.

I try to make my classes a good blend of both but I would say my classes fall more on the fitness side.

I guess you would know this if you have been to one of my classes and heard my accent but I am American!