Josie Papineau

Pilates Instructor

As a past dancer, the mind-body control was taught to me at a young age, to excel in mobility, flexibility, and balance in a competitive environment. To further develop this skill, I began Pilates almost a decade ago and haven’t stopped!

I have always had an interest in understanding the human body, and most efficient ways to improve function.  As I became a regular Pilates goer I noticed how much it was impacting my body, I felt great leaving every class and notice a change in my overall wellbeing.

I transitioned into choreographing at my dance studio where I first recognised my love for observing those I teach getting stronger and achieving their own personal goals. 

After years of practicing Pilates, I felt motivated and wanted to challenge myself to start my instructor course and bring these skills to a practice that I loved!

I am passionate about finding ways of moving that are genuinely enjoyable and motivating. I value the choreography side of a class, and empathising flow and connection of movements. My classes are filled with creative flows that challenge the body and mind, leaving a sense of achievement after!

The Pilates Lab is where I nurtured my passion and really developed skills through the incredible calibre of instructors. This studio is motivating and places high value on an intricate program that challenges the members which I love working towards.

I decided to start my instructor course in 2022 at Pilates ITC, where I actually observed at the Pilates Lab! I am now qualified in Mat work and Reformer, as of early 2023.

I think they’re connected, I place a high emphasis on being able to perform correct movement pattern that can be technical, but I believe by working towards this and subsequently activated or lengthening certain muscle groups it creates a great fitness challenge in the class!

I am in my final year of university studying Chiropractic Science. I can still backflip from my dancing days and make a really great coffee!