Jessica Tran

Yoga Instructor

I started going to classes at my local gym in 2016. Initially it was a physical practice, but it blossomed into a holistic experience, as I noticed my mental and emotional growth! 

I love yoga because of all the benefits, including reduced stress, emotional balance, and resilience! It teaches us to how breathe, bend, and expand, so that we can come back to ourselves and our body. I always feeling so much appreciation for myself and also the environment around me after a yoga class, and that’s something I wish to share with all the students!

I became an instructor to share all the transformative benefits of yoga with my community and it was a natural progression to follow my heart! 

My classes are mix of dynamic strong flows and long juicy holds where your body can just melt into the pose. I always give different options to support everyone no matter their level of experience or flexibility. 

One of my favourite parts is the community and the people that you get to meet, I cherish the little chats you have after class! 

I’ve been an instructor since last year and I haven’t looked back since.

In the mornings, my favorite is a good Vinyasa flow to really energize and start the day on a high. And then in the afternoons, I like a relaxing Yin that helps you relax and calm down.

Something you don’t know is that I’ve started doing dance lessons! I’ve loved letting myself be bad at something for the sake of having fun and being silly!