Jade Zimmerman

Pilates Instructor

I first was introduced to mat work Pilates by a Physiotherapist while battling a chronic hamstring injury. I was pleasantly surprised by the huge challenge Pilates provided, yet how balanced and lengthened I felt when I left a class. Pilates helped me manage my injury, so that I could still continue the other modes of training I loved. It wasn’t until my first pregnancy that I dived into Reformer, and it has been a regular staple in my fitness routine since.

I love how humbling Pilates is and how balanced it makes you feel – I’m consistently surprised by the strength, mobility and mindfulness challenge it provides me. Pilates helped me develop awareness of my daily postures and has been amazing in complementing my other forms of fitness training.

My passion for Pilates deepened while navigating my first months of motherhood; it helped me recover from birth and gave me a much needed daily reset! Training to become an instructor was my decision to do something for myself once the craziness of those first months settled, and I felt excited to be able to expand my knowledge and share this passion with others.

Challenging! My classes will help you develop your strength and endurance, with a focus on optimising postures. My programs are created to work the entire body in a range of postures, so you will walk out feeling strong, tall and well-balanced.

I have been an enthusiastic client of The Pilates Lab since 2021 because I love the instructors, the clients and the general welcoming vibe. I feel beyond privileged to be able to work in such an awesome studio!

I became a PITC qualified mat work and Reformer Pilates Instructor in 2023.

I’m a big lover of high intensity exercise, so Fitness classes are hugely enjoyable for me. However, I believe focusing on technique is essential in avoiding injury and increasing the challenge.

I studied the flute at WAAPA and have a previous career in the music and events industry.