Hannah Stewart

Pilates Instructor

After some lower back issues years ago I decided to start Pilates as I’d been recommend it from a few people. Once I felt the benefits in not only my body but by mind I got addicted and haven’t stopped practising since. 

I love how Pilates makes me feel. Long, strong & calm. Pilates for me is a form of meditation, I find there is nothing else to think about other than the exercise you are focusing on then and there. 

Once I saw and felt a massive shift in my own body and mind I straight away wanted to learn more. Once finishing my training I wanted to share my knowledge with others and hope that they feel all the positive benefits of Pilates too.

Controlled yet challenging. Focusing on form & alignment first always, while being challenging enough for each clients to push themselves as much as they feel that day.

I like to create a welcoming environment for all clients, giving them a feel that this is their hour for them. My aim is for the clients to walk out of the class feeling strong and confident!

As soon as you walk through the doors of The Pilates Lab you feel such a warm and welcoming energy. Both the instructors and clients of the Lab are always so friendly and always up for a good challenge!

I have been a Pilates instructor off and on for the last 7 years. 

I think a good mix of the both is important! I love a good cardio burn to increase the heart rate but I also find technical classes just as important to focus on. 

I lived in France for a year when I was 19. I was a full time nanny for 3 kids under 7, I’m still not sure how I managed that at the age of 19, still a baby myself!