Adam Weirick

Yoga Instructor

I’ve got into yoga after managing injuries from a lifetime of martial arts and then the rest was history. 

I love yoga because apart from the physical benifits I mostly view my own practice as self therapy. I’ve found with a regular practice it tends to polish the parts of our personality that we are most proud of… and tends to shave of the parts that we are not.

I became a yoga teacher because after teaching and training martial arts all my life while practicing yoga I saw the students around me experience the same mental and emotional benefits but with far greater numbers of students. So I decided to do my teacher training in Hong Kong and then everything progressed quite quickly.

My classes are a blend of physical alignment, awareness of breath, and awareness of mind to help focus and bring the student into the state of yoga. 

The pilates lab is great because there are so many regular faces and I can see each student grow and develop and help them as needed in their own unique way each class. This can be hard at studios where it’s different faces each week.

I have been teaching group classes, private clients and trainings in Asia, the EU and Australia for 10 years now. 

I like a blend of all styles of yoga as per what my body and mind needs on that day. That said for my own practice personally I like quite a strong practice of alignment based Hatha or Vinyasa. 

I love scuba diving. I often describe my blood type as salt water as I’ve dived 7 out of the top 10 dives in the world and basically all of Asia!