The Pilates Lab in Scarborough is three room studio that offers  a variety of classes including group Reformer Pilates, Matwork Pilates , Yoga, Boxilates, and Barre.  In addition, there is a range of small group and 1:1 classes available for clients with injury or clients preferring to work through a program designed especially for their needs and posture type.

Our studio is suitable for all age groups helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Most people don’t understand how good their bodies are meant to feel until you have tried Pilates. We are here to help you discover your thriving self.

With regular practice be prepared to gain flexibility, all over muscle tone, strength and mobility of your body. Feel completely confident with our highly qualified instructors to guide you through safe and effective movement. Our contagious enthusiasm for moving our bodies is fused into our classes bringing you thought out and inspired workouts that get you the results you need and want. We truly believe that if you continue to move your spine and develop awareness of your body it’s the easiest way to live a pain free healthy and happy life.


Walking into our studio feels inviting, friendly, clean and fresh. We are here for you! We want you to feel comfortable and at home in our beautiful space.  We have 11 Reformer machines in the Reformer room allowing us to give you some personal attention, but even when classes are bigger in our Matwork room our instructors are trained to take care of each and every one of you when you need it. Navigate through our easy to use schedule, allowing you to book and purchase all your sessions online.

 We value your business very much and we are truly here to help you obtain your health goals.



We will provide the highest quality instruction of Pilates in a studio that makes you feel comfortable and safe. We are dedicated to our clients as we all have a passion for Pilates and what it can do for you.

The combination of achieving results, progressing through challenges, and the support you will have from our amazing team pushing you to your limits, is what keeps clients coming back for more, making The Pilates Lab one of the best Pilates studios in Perth.

students in pilates class, working right-side stretch


Fitness trends come and go, although Pilates always endures. We are confident that our unique style of classes speak for themselves in your body.  We don’t need to try and sell you on Pilates as all you need to do is feel it and decide for yourself.


Pilates is a series of exercises geared to help posture and alignment of the body. When done on a regular basis you will gain flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, joint mobility, core strength, body awareness, coordination and all over muscle tone.Pilates exercises lighten the load on your spine and joints by correcting muscular imbalances due to bad posture or misuse of muscles and alleviate tension.
Proper alignment balances your skeleton so your muscles are held at their ideal length, without tension. If your body is constantly held out of proper alignment, it places a great strain on your muscles, ligaments, and joints. Improper alignment will reduce your body’s ability to react to the force of gravity, resulting in aches and pains and inhibited movement. Pilates gives you an opportunity to learn to correct your misalignments and allow your muscles to work as efficiently as they should.As you exercise, you should always strive to correct your alignment because it will directly impact on the effectiveness of your workout.
We recommend you to start with the Intro to Pilates session.  This 75 min session is included in the Intro Package if you decided to purchase this option.  In this session you will learn the five basic principles and how to use the equipment.  This class will prepare you for your regular sessions.  We recommend you try a variety of classes after your Intro session to see what suits you best.
Consistency is key. 2 – 3 times a week is an ideal amount. However, even if once a week is your limit you will still get benefits.
Joseph Pilates said, “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”. Exact results may vary by individuals and as we said consistency is key.
Scarborough has 6 car bays in front of the studio along Calais Rd. There is also a small parking lot at the end of our building closest to Brighton rd that is available for parking.  If these car bays are in use you may park on the street where it says parking is permitted.  Parking is not permitted on any verge at anytime.
We suggest you wear comfortable clothing to move in that can stretch. We prefer that you wear tighter fitting pants or tops so your clothes don’t hang or move in a manner that obstructs the instructor’s view of your form (you want the instructor to see what your abs and ribs are doing!). You will not be wearing shoes during your workout; instead, we require socks with grip for safety and sanitary reasons. If you do not have socks with grip, we sell them in the studio.
Yes. We recommend you book all your sessions in advance. Classes tend to get busy and book out. So to avoid missing out on your favourite class please book ahead to reserve your space.  If the class is full add yourself to the wait list.  They move very quickly and you will be notified by text and an email once you have been added in.
Not a problem! You may cancel your reservation free of charge up to 5 hours in advance for classes and the class will be credited back to you. If you cancel after this time you will be charged. If you have a monthly-unlimited account you will be charged the price of a single session ($24/$35). For private sessions, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy.
If you need to cancel a reservation, log into MindBody, go to My Info, click My Schedule and click Cancel next to the class time. If you have trouble canceling or have any questions, email or call the studio.
When there is a cancellation and you are on the waiting list the system will automatically add you into the session up to 1 hrs before the class is set to commence. You will be alerted by email or text. We recommend if you are on the waiting list to make sure you check your emails and text messages to confirm your space. If you would like to remove yourself from the waiting list log on to your account in Mindbody. Go to my schedule and cancel your session.

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