I tried pilates few times before I had my boys, but it’s not till after having my second child I noticed that it took my body a while to get back into shape. So I called Pammy and started doing reformer Pilates twice per week. I noticed a difference right away and huge improvement in my running and my posture.
I love what it does for my body and how I feel post session. I feel lengthened, strong and more balanced.
I fell in love with Pilates and being an exercise physiologist it perfectly complemented what I already do. Plus it fits in well with my lifestyle and what I believe it. It’s flexible so I can have kids and still work. Plus a little encouragement from Pammy. 🙂
I want people to walk out of my class feeling like that have had a good workout with some lengthening/mobility exercises. So I’d say I teach a nice balanced class (strength mobility and length) with a sprinkle of burn! 😉
Have you seen the beautiful studio?!
The vibe there is great and some wonderful instructors work there. And clients are just fantastic. It really feel like a community at Pilates Lab.
Pam is great girl boss, she is always there to help if qquestions arise and there is always an opportunity to develop more skills through regular in-house training.
I have been teaching since January 2017
I like a mix of both. In Pilates technical aspect is really important and people also like to feel the burn. I want people to walk out of my sessions/classes like they worked but also lengthened and stretched.
I was born in Moscow Russia and at the age of 13 moved to Jonesboro AR (Bible Belt and dry county) for 10 years till I moved to Aus in 2006.