I found Yoga 11 years ago when my oldest son was born unwell. I was a PT and Pilates teacher at the time so I knew I needed to renew my physical strength, but also knew my heart and mind needed a way of healing. A need for guidance in mindfulness & meditation lead me to Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga with Morrison McQueen. I instantly became a dedicated practitioner. 

Though the physical rewards of a yoga practise are many, and absolutely an integral part of the journey inwards – the inner stillness, feelings of a deeper connection to  oneself and others, and a joyous love of life – are the true gifts of Yoga.  This is why I LOVE Yoga! 
After years of developing a dedicated self-practise, and coming to know the healing & joyful affects of yoga in my life – I knew I had to share this gift with others. 
My sequences are dynamic, flowing, powerful and heart-warming. You will feel strong, calm and connected when you leave the mat. My classes are also very accessible to people at different stages in their yoga practise as my cueing is frequent, quite technical and I provide many options throughout the practise. 
I absolutely love the Pilates Lab studio. The beams of light through the windows during classes around sunrise and sunset light up my whole heart! As an instructor I love that all needs are catered for with the wonderful props on hand, and everyone is just so friendly and happy to be there –  you can’t not smile!
I have been an instructor in the fitness industry (including Pilates) since 2007.   I have been a Yoga teacher since 2013 and more specifically Vinyasa yoga since 2017. 
Though I have always appreciate the benefits of fitness-based classes, I definitely prefer technical classes. A technical class is a mindful class – this is how we learn to move and progress with respect for the abilities and safety of the individual body.  Technical classes give us knowledge and we all know, knowledge is power! 
I have an avid passion for the world of nutrition and am a qualified Cert 4 Nutritional Counsellor since 2013. I plan to continue my Nutritional studies and move more toward gut health and disease management.