I was led into Yoga organically by my then Pilates teacher. After my first Yoga class I knew this was a practice I want to do for life!

What I love about Yoga is the importance of using your breath on (and off) the mat. A regular yoga practice opens up your mind and heart. Not only through the physical practice of postures, but also through the light and peace that you are able to feel as a result of your body becoming more open and flexible.

To give others the opportunity to experience the beauty of the practice and explore their physical, mental and spiritual potential.
A guided practice where you have the opportunity to learn how to use your breath and body collectively. It is a fun and challenging class that is suitable for all levels of fitness.
The space is so inviting and the students are wonderful! It’s a pleasure teaching at The Pilates Lab 🙂

I have been teaching since 2015
I’m drawn to a technical class, as you have the opportunity to enter and explore a pose (as well as leaving a pose) in a correct and safe way.
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