I first started doing Pilates in 2009 as a way to keep me occupied on my time off whilst working a FIFO roster and quickly became hooked! I’ve always loved the way a good Pilates class makes you feel like you’ve had a great workout but feel lengthened and aligned rather than compressed and heavy – it’s also a lot of fun!
I became an instructor two years ago to pass on the benefits of Pilates to others but also to discover more about my own body.
I became an instructor to help people as its incredibly rewarding to see clients improve their functional strength and mobility and get rid of chronic aches and pains just by getting their bodies moving in a more correct way – or moving full stop! On a more personal level I’ve been continually surprised at what my body can do when given the right instruction and the vast number of opportunities for continued learning that are available once you’ve completed initial training.
My classes are primarily fitness based but I try and ensure clients learn a good level of technical skill also. Everyone loves to feel the burn but it’s important to put your body in the correct position in order to make the burn effective in the long run. Good technique also allows us to move more efficiently and fluidly, gradually making exercises that seemed incredibly hard at first feel more natural and almost effortless. You’ll often find balance and coordination work in my classes to challenge motor skills and body awareness, and I’m also partial to a bit of work with the jump board to spice things up and introduce an aerobic element to a class.
I love teaching at The Pilates Lab because not only does it have fabulous clients, highly qualified instructors and state of the art equipment, it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. No matter your level of fitness or experience, you feel safe to push past your comfort zone, knowing that you have great support from both the staff and other clients. There’s no judgement here.
I have been teaching since 2014.
I like a good balance of both.