Following an ankle injury in 2008 i practiced Pilates on a daily basis. Experiencing great results and rapid recovery, i have realised the benefits of this unique approach. I started to practice yoga in 2014 while maintaining my Pilates practice , what i was looking in Yoga beyond flexibility and strength  was more the mind side as I wanted to gain a sense of inner calm .
I love Pilates and yoga because i always feel inspired and challenged. With both of the practice i always feel , longer , calmer , happier , open and stronger .
I have been practicing sport since i m 3 i have done gymnastic , trampolin and ending my career with cirque du soleil . Sport always been part of my daily routine, Pilates has been magic to me and i really wanted to become a Pilates instructor and being able to share it with others .
Yoga was my next stage and i really believe doing my Pilates training helped me to build the strength and body awareness to enjoy my yoga teacher training journey.
I will describe my class challenging but open to everyone and i’d love to create sequence that flows as much as possible .
The studio is so beautiful and peaceful , the team is so welcoming and the clients are amazing always happy and open to new challenge .
I have been teaching Pilates since 2012 and Yoga only since March 2019
I like them both , always good to go back to basic and work on technical aspect of movement and sometimes as it will give strong base for more challenging classes .
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