I started Pilates after falling off a horse and got an injury to my lumbar spine.
I love Pilates because I get an effective workout for my body while prevent further injuries and also time to connect with my breath and find calmness in the day
I became an instructor after I felt the healing in my own body, spine and wanted to share with others how they could manage or completely prevent pain with the Pilates method
I like to teach an athletic class with challenge and focus on alignment to feel energised and lengthened after you leave.
I love teaching at the Pilates Lab because there is a great bunch of hard working clients, the studio itself is gorgeous and bright leaving me feel motivated and refreshed after every session
I have been an instructor since 2014.   I taught in Ireland for 3 years before moving to Perth.
I much prefer technical classes.
My life is currently a lot busier with the presence of my fur baby” Cruz “the spotty Dalmatian.