I was working as a PT and running high intensity training sessions.  After noticing the postural problems with many clients, I started looking for something to compliment their training.  After trying pilates I knew it was the perfect training to help bring balance to the body.  Strengthening and lengthening the muscles whilst correcting postural imbalances.
I love how pilates makes me feel!  It makes me feel stronger and more flexible more now than it did when I was in my 20’s.  I am more connected to my body, my muscles and how I move.
I love to teach and help people feel better in their bodies.  I had three disc bulges in my lumbar spine 4 years ago.  It was by learning about my body through pilates that abled me to recover and move without restriction.  This is an experience I want to share.
The PT in me does like to set a challenge and make you feel your muscles.  I like to build a class so everyone can feel challenged and learn a little more about their bodies.
It is a pleasure to teach at such a vibrant, busy studio with such a great community feel.  The clients are enthusiastic and friendly, and I love working alongside such talented teachers.  It makes me feel challenged and to continually grow as a teacher.
I started teaching in 2014.
I enjoy both types of classes.  It’s great to feel the burn in a hard class.  In a technical class I like to learn more about my body and what I need to work on.
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