I started pilates after finishing up dancing. I was introduced by a mentor. 
I love Pilates because you truly feel like you have had a all over body workout. I love the range in classes, some can be super creative or some more traditional. Both are challenging in different ways. I love the ‘burn’ or ‘shakey’ feeling you get in a class.
I became a qualified pilates Instructor after completing my Xtend Barre qualification. This led me onto wanting to further my knowledge of the human body and movement. 
Challenging & flowing. Some call me the smiley assassin.
I love the clients at the Pilates Lab. I enjoy teaching in the bright and fresh space.
I finished my certification in mat & reformer pilates with PFI at the start of 2018 and have been teaching since. I also completed my barre training at the end of 2015.
I love both fitness & technical styles of classes. I probably prefer teaching more technical.
I am OBSESSED with dogs. I am also a bit of a control freak & enjoy some good stationary and my diary haha!
the pilates lab reformer