To see if it could help rehabilitate a degenerative hip injury without surgery…it worked!
Flowing movement in a beautiful setting with likeminded Pilates lovers, what’s not to like?!?  Pilates invokes everything I love about my previous life in the dance world in a killer workout.
I was wanting to take my Pilates self-mastery to the next level by being more informed about the origins of Pilates and dissecting the why and how we do Pilates in a class setting.
I teach classes that I would love to do myself which includes the original Joseph Pilates repertoire, testing range of motion and co-ordination to the max and free flowing movement. 
The clients!!! The standard at The Pilates Lab is incredibly high.
Dance instructor since 2008 and a Pilates instructor since 2018.
I’m OBSESSED with my pets, I have two British Shorthair cats called King Louis III and Jack, and a Labrador called Balthazar. You can follow their adventures on Instagram @kinglouisiii_meow