I was curiously drawn to yoga, initially through reading, and started experimenting with asana, first at home. In 2010 I began participating in classes and soon after enrolled in a 2 year teacher training Hatha Vinyasa course, with Yin, Yin Yang and Restorative. I have practised Ashtanga since 2012.
What I love about yoga is the peaceful quality of moving stillness offered through the exploration possible in any style of yoga.
In essence yoga is interconnection; the passion of practice evolved to me instructing.
The class style facilitates space and curiosity of sensation and process on the lab of the mat however we are – when we land on it. Attention is focussed on alignment, and then on the engagement of the energies activated in postures, linked in a flowing practice to strengthen and cleanse body and mind.
I really enjoy being an ‘element’ of the Pilates Lab because it’s a professional and warm environment conducive to an individual’s search and wellness practice, and I love sharing in that environment.
I have been teaching since 2012
Do you prefer Fitness or Technical classes?
Yoga is a great tool of Fitness to integrate the body and promote general wellness.Technical classes assist on working upon specific aspects and deepening knowledge. The approach chosen depends on our individual journey!