Ellie Brown

Pilates Instructor

Ellie Brown

After years of being a competitive swimmer and rower I was left with many injuries which I was continuously seeing a physio for. A pilates studio opened nearby my house and in an effort to help put my body back together I joined, and it wasn’t long before pilates became a regular and essential part of my day.

After seeing many physios and doing all I could to help my back and chronic injuries Pilates was the first activity which addressed the cause of my pain and further taught me more about my body, its overall connection. I have loved learning more over the years of how pilates has changed people’s lives from physically reducing pain and mentally providing a space where people can become more aware of their body and connect with themselves.

I have a long passion for mental health and its relationship with your physical health. Becoming an instructor was an incredibly natural step forward and I have loved every moment to help and educate from reducing pain, helping clients achieve their goals and mainly getting to meet so many people and connect over a mutual love of pilates.

I love to set a challenge, you will absolutely be feeling each muscle group throughout the class although most importantly I love creating an environment which people feel comfortable in, creating friendships and enjoying your time in a class is my number 1 goal.

The Pilates lab is an incredibly warming studio, both staff and clients bring enthusiasm and energy to every class while also wanting to be challenged, it is very special to be part of this space.

I completed my instructor’s course in January 2021

Focusing on the essentials is incredibly important, getting the technique right can make a class much more challenging, although I do love to put you through a sweaty workout getting the endorphins running high!

I grew up in the small country town Hyden, known for having Wave Rock. I love to go back to the farm as much as possible, nothing better than some fresh country air!