I got into pilates as I worked in a physio that offered reformer Pilates and I though I would give it a try and I fell in love!
The way my body feels after a class, even a few days after that, reminds me that I’m becoming stronger and for me that’s not only physically but also mentally because it is my time in the day to take a step back and look after myself!
I have always endeavoured in my life to ensure I find ways of working towards goals and careers that benefit others, whether it be through Pilates or another channel of teaching. I think it’s really important to help others as much as I can. This for me is exceptionally rewarding.
I describe them as challenging. I’m always looking at different ways I can make the body work and really encourage that mind body connection throughout the class. I let the clients build off of their movements but I’m always prepared with another challenge if you are up for it.

The Pilates lab is such a nurturing environment for both instructors and clients. It is an awesome business to be apart of as there is so much support throughout the team and that for me is so hard to find and I feel super lucky to be apart of the team.
I have been teaching since 2018
I enjoy components of both. I think it’s important to have a strong and well understood technique to execute your movement and then build from their to incorporate fitness components.
I’ve travelled a lot.   I have been very fortunate in my life to travel to over 25 countries, most of which I travelled to alone!