Alinta Burton

Pilates Instructor

My mum (also an instructor) encouraged me to do Pilates so many times, but at the time I was yoga-obsessed. It wasn’t until I started doing studio Pilates after rehabilitating from an injury that I started doing it regularly.  After that, I happened to be in the right place at the right time to do my teacher training with Polestar while I was living in the Philippines and from then on Pilates replaced my yoga obsession.

I love the difference Pilates has made in my body.  All my body’s weaknesses get challenged when doing Pilates and my quality of movement in my everyday life and other movement activities has improved significantly.  Pilates makes me feel strong and capable!

I was originally trying to do yoga teacher training overseas but a series of mishaps prevented me from making it to India.  It was then a matter of being in the right place at the right time and I thought why not?  Looking back I’m really happy it worked out that way because Pilates has challenged and changed me in ways yoga never did.

I’m a detailed and alignment focused instructor so be prepared for a lot of technical cueing! I’m more of a classical type instructor and like to challenge people with complex movements and coordination focused exercises.  I encourage clients to feel into their bodies and work at their level so they can build a strong foundation so they can start to challenge themselves and maintain good form.

The Pilates Lab has a lot of really fantastic clients that have been coming to classes for years and know each other well.  It’s always a fun class when the regulars come together!

I first started instructing in 2017 when I was living in the Philippines.

As I’m a very technical gal, I prefer technical classes through and through.  I love being able to feel deeper into my movement with the right cueing and this awareness has vastly improved my quality of movement over time.

I’ve had a pretty adventurous and eclectic life.  I’ve lived in 4 overseas countries now, 3 different Australian cities.  I also work in the film industry and have directed short films and music videos among other content.