We believe that Pilates is about you.  Pilates has the power to not only make you look good but to feel great!   With our unique twist on the contemporary style of Pilates,  you will recognize the quality and personality we bring to you each class.  It’s because we LOVE it and can tailor every workout, every experience, to what you desire.

It’s a lifestyle, make it part of your everyday.


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“I attend a mix of classes at The Pilates Lab. I find each format beneficial, challenging and most importantly enjoyable. You might even say I have become a little obsessed. With genuinely approachable, friendly and knowledgeable instructors, The Pilates Lab experience caters for all levels of Pilates students.
It is obvious each instructor endeavours to enliven, extend and offer more interesting, challenging and exciting classes. I recommend The Pilates Lab to anyone. Surprise yourself – your body CAN do AMAZING things with a little effort and sweat of course. I continue to be surprised!”
I always love coming to my reformer classes at The Pilates Lab! The equipment is pristine, and the instructors are very experienced. I love each of their unique styles and every workout is different and effective. There has not been one session where I was not challenged! I had two kids very close together and so I escape to the “Lab” literally. I feel Pilates has rebuilt my core and is keeping my posture and back strong. I’m always hanging out for my next session here, I get stressed if I don’t get my fix!
I have been going to The Pilates Lab for over two years and I can’t get over how much going regularly has improved my strength, happiness and general well-being. I always feel so much better after a Pilates class and I love the variety of classes The Pilates Lab offers. I have noticed a huge difference in the toned quality of my body and my fitness levels. I love the atmosphere at the LAB , it’s very welcoming and everyone is so lovely (teachers and clients included). I have and will continue to recommend The Pilates Lab to anyone and everyone – you will be hooked after your first class!
“I am 55 and I have been going to The Pilates Lab in North Fremantle for five years. It has changed my life and my body. I am happiest when I go three times a week, not only maintenance, but improvement. It is always interesting for my brain as well as my body, as I enjoy the intellectual challenge of it all: Inventive routines, new learning, fresh exercises with a roster of talented instructors. I love the way Pam runs the business and the flexible booking system is perfect – The Pilates Lab is a vital part of my life.”
“I am in my fourth year of Pilates classes, often the only guy, and I love the classes. Pam and her team put in that extra effort to make the classes interesting as well as beneficial. The classes always take me that little bit further in terms of flexibility, strength, control and endurance.
I am constantly improving my coordination and balance and core strength.”
“Since joining The Pilates Lab 12 months ago, I have been attending weekly sessions with Pam and the team who have taught me a considerable amount about physical and mental strength. I have seen some great results in my flexibility and core strength which keeps me motivated to attend at least three classes per week. The studio is calm and inviting, the classes are small and the instruction is highly personalized to suit your individual capability and fitness, while also challenging you where appropriate.”

I highly recommend anyone looking at improving their flexibility, strength or general wellbeing see Pam and the lovely ladies at




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